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Shandong blueprint for furniture manufacturing co., LTD is the north of the Yangtze river area of office furniture and civilian solid wood furniture manufacturing enterprises, located in linyi city Luo Zhuang area high industrial park, established in May 18, 2000, covers an area of 100 mu, a registered capital of 81.5 million yuan, existing staff 220 people, engineering technical personnel from all national furniture enterprise employment, including 3 senior engineers, 5 r&d engineers, professional and technical personnel 20 people, with a total investment of more than 5800 ten thousand yuan, annual production capacity of 100 million yuan of above, the company 20 million yuan of above, director unit of China furniture association, vice President of shandong province furniture association unit.

Company has board office furniture factory, sofa factory, solid wood furniture factory, steel furniture, solid wood (compound) door factory, the main products are office furniture (class file cabinet series, modern office furniture series, conference table series, screen series (chair) and courts, schools, hospitals and other special series of office furniture, solid wood door, composite door products), civilian solid wood furniture (Chinese modern Oriental love series) research and development production of all kinds of furniture on the market have higher visibility. Among them, the office furniture supporting project has set many successful examples and is a designated unit for the provincial and municipal government procurement bidding. In October 2005, jia qingwen, chairman of China furniture association, accompanied by niu guangxia, chairman of China furniture association and other leaders, visited the company to inspect and guide the work. Office furniture installed for the general office of the CPC shandong provincial party committee in 2007 was highly praised by provincial party leaders.

Product radiation, shandong, jiangsu, henan, anhui, Beijing, tianjin, jin, the northeast three provinces, and exported to Europe and the United States market, in August 2002, the 8th international exhibition of furniture (dongguan), in April 2005, April 2006 and April 2007, April 2012 in northern China, jinan, Qingdao) international furniture exhibition received unanimous favorable comment of domestic and foreign merchants.

Since the beginning of the factory, the company's chairman sun liyong put forward for the company "build a century-old factory, tree century-old brand" long-term goal. The factory is built with high standard and high starting point, which is a modern first-class office, production and living environment, and has advanced production technology and equipment. In order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, in 2001 in shandong province in the same industry took the lead in ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality, environmental standards system certification, the first successful introduction of CIS enterprise overall image planning system.

 in 2003, it was selected as "honest enterprise in furniture industry of 18 provinces and cities in China" and "well-known brand of environment-friendly furniture";

· awarded "national youth civilization" by the central committee of the youth league in 2003;

· in August 2005, paint engineer lei yousheng of the company won the bronze prize of the group in the paint painting competition for residence and furniture organized by guangdong association and nanjing forestry university;

· in 2005, the 2837 class platform designed by the company's designer li quanfeng won the "design silver award" of the exhibition through fierce competition;

· in 2006, the company was selected as "the sixth consumer satisfaction unit in shandong province";

· April 2007 in the fourth China (north) international furniture and woodworking machinery long exhibition, blueprint "guozi tianxiang" pure solid wood series fragrant camphor wood interior decoration civilian furniture with unique design ideas, human design concept, won the bedroom series furniture "design gold award".

· in September 2007, office furniture series was rated as "shandong famous brand product" by shandong provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision;

·  in 2008, the company was selected as "the 7th consumer satisfaction unit in shandong province";

· in April 2008, won the "interior furniture silver award" in the fifth China (jinan) international furniture and woodworking machinery exhibition;

· in May 2008, it was designated by the shandong provincial government as the "designated procurement unit of provincial public furniture";

· in October 2008, won the patent certificate of "fragrant camphor wood interior furniture plate", and won the annual special award of linyi city

Shandong blueprint furniture manufacturing co. LTD
ADD:Gaodu industrial park, luozhuang district, linyi city, shandong province, China