Office sofa of choose and buy, what problem needs to notice

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1. Style and size coordination

Office sofa is opposite to office chair, adornment effect is more likely some bigger, when so choose and buy, must consider the decorate style of whole office, look from the design of sofa, size, height, tonal, want to decorate photograph collocation. Before buying the office sofa, we should measure the size of the office first, and then buy the sofa of appropriate size according to the size of the office space.

2. The sofa is stable

According to human body engineering requirement, office sofa must be stable, just can be stable when such person sits, won't shake, at the same time, too hard or too soft office sofa, go against correct sitting position, if sitting for a long time, also can produce harm to the person body.

3. Elasticity and load bearing

Sofa elastic size determines the sofa is easy to deformation, and the stand or fall of elasticity is determined by the framework of sofa, the sofa of traditional resilience is good, because of the spring, but it's also very easy to deformation, resilience now good sofa USES spring and wooden frame, bandages combination of production, this sofa is not easy to deformation.

4. Solid frame

Test the fastness of sofa frame, shake whole sofa before and after with both hands directly, feel to know whether firm. If storefront personnel allow, still can open a corner of the bottom cloth to see, there is no moth situation, if the wood frame is clean, no moth, you can judge with hard wood made, this is also very solid, is no problem. If be to do not have back cover hair sofa, still can look at the quality inside sofa incidentally.

5. Judge the sofa feet

We want to check the position of the sofa foot that fixes whole sofa, this also is the key position, see sofa foot is metallic still woody, it is fixed wheel still pulley, every detail wants to check clear.

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