How to choose solid wood shoe ark

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1. Judge whether the furniture is really made of solid wood

Real solid wood is made of natural wood grain and scar knot. If shoe ark door, the appearance looks to have a kind of decorative pattern only, that its back corresponding position also has same decorative pattern; And scar knot identification is the same method, first look at the location of one side, looking for the location of the other side.

2. What kind of tree is the real wood made of

Tree species is the quality that affects real wood shoe ark directly, common tree species has ju wood, white oak, ash willow, elm wood, catalpa wood, rubberwood to wait commonly, compare precious has hua limu, chicken wing wood, rosewood to wait, to avoid businessman with inferior, want to buy the shoe ark of precious wood, the proposal buys reliable product.

3. Observe the advantages and disadvantages of wood

There are product samples to be purchased in the store, and the quality of the drawers and door cabinets can be observed, such as whether it is white, dry and delicate. If there are such materials as particle board and density board, there will be a bad smell when opening the drawers and door cabinets, which are generally not pure trees.

4. Observe whether wood has defects

The main bearing part of furniture is column and column connect the bearing horizontal bar of the ground, these parts should not have big knot scar or crack, crack, frame structure is important solid firm, do not allow break tenon, break material, all fittings must not little or leak nail.

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