What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture

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Introduction to pure wood:

Solid wood furniture is to point to the furniture that makes by natural lumber, the grain that furniture surface can see lumber commonly. At present the real wood furniture on the market has two kinds roughly, one kind is log furniture, all of the wood that furniture USES is pure real wood, the door plank that includes desk, cabinet, side board is made with pure real wood, do not use any other man-made board or density board sticker circumstance. Another kind is imitation solid wood furniture, that is, look from the appearance of the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood furniture is the same, but in fact it is made of solid wood and man-made board furniture, such as side panel, the racks using two sub-companies named seaport overlaid particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood doors and drawer is used stickers.


1, natural environmental protection, this is the biggest characteristic of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture in the process of processing and making, compared with those man-made board furniture, the amount of glue is quite small. The environmental protection sex that affects furniture with gum quantity is discretion. And real wood furniture is the natural wood that USES, have environmental protection more so.

2, pure wood home with value preservation function. At the same time can bring to household environment lukewarm run "forest breath", get quite consequently in high-grade consumer welcome. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural grain, changeful form, furniture surface can see wood beautiful decorative pattern commonly

3, the service life is long, be other board type furniture commonly 9 times left and right sides, can use 20 years to 30 years left and right sides, keep good even more long. (e.g. Old furniture that used to last for hundreds of years)

4, solid wood plate after painting, the surface of the uneven phenomenon of no glue joint and lath, this is everyone's misunderstanding of it, it is knuckles have 8 slot card mutually firm. And in the long - term use process physical performance is very good.

5, so in the use and texture color, pure wood Mosaic decorative board is more suitable for the use of furniture and decorative functions.

Analysis on performance characteristics of solid wood furniture:

1. Although the amount of glue applied to solid wood panel is larger than that of solid wood panel, there are only 8 glue joints on both sides and four sides due to the protection of double-sided thick veneer and the sealing edge of four-sided thick veneer. Therefore, the adhesive chemicals in solid wood panel are far lower than the volatilization of density board and solid wood aggregate, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

The density board is made of sawdust and glue

2, because the core board is the use of small anisotropic wood together, the board surface uneven and warping degree is small, both sides covered with two planing thin wood thick veneer, can better eliminate the warping, cracking deformation phenomenon, and can improve the physical strength of the board in all directions.

3, planing and cutting thin wood thick veneer is selected large diameter class of superior logs, and in accordance with the texture, color strictly selected, using high-precision equipment and scientific planing and cutting method manufacturing. Such processing technology is handled, in respect of grain, colour and lustre right body feels very good, after paint more outstanding simple sense, the furniture that produces is being set can build a kind of harmonious and consistent, high-grade value feels.


1, log material is higher than board type furniture cost a lot, the price is a little more expensive than board type naturally.


1, open ark door or drawer, if have strong pungent odour, belong to formaldehyde to exceed bid more, this kind of furniture is unfavorable buy.

2, as is known to all, according to the material composition is divided into solid wood furniture and wooden furniture plate (density board furniture), but these days, as long as you walk into a furniture store which stroll down, will send out the regrets: now more and more kinds of man-made board, name more and more, all solid wood furniture, no harm, but want to understand them is really not easy, want to adjust a set of furniture is more difficult for their satisfactory.

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